Keep your office simple and effective

Answer your emails right away, or move them in folders like Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / next week. Your folder can be a reminder system for follow-ups

Turn off notification of your email so the pop up is not destroying your concentration and read your emails for instance in the morning, when you start, at 10 am, before and after lunch around 3 pm and before you leave. You will be surprised how much you can do in the meantime.

Take each day a few hours without the phone …. turn it of and let the voice mail or a coworker handle it … the best time to do this is early in the morning, a lot of your customers are not at work yet or in the evening about 30 min. before you planning on leaving and before and after lunch

At on your To-do list a colum for the time – so make an appointment with yourself,  do it at this time and you avoid that you push and push tasks you disliked


But if you want help in you office contact me. I look forward to it and help you to reach your goal of perfect work-life balance.